The Veiled Wolf 3rd Book Birthday

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This week on the blog, I thought I’d let celebrate The Veiled Wolf turning three! The last three years have flown by! I’m fondly remembering the launch party I had a couple of days after publication and a cake my friend Helen made to celebrate the book coming out.

Book Sale

I only discovered this by chance today, but Amazon have put The Veiled Wolf and The Boy from the Snow on sale on paperback in the UK. Thanks Amazon!

Currently, The Boy from the Snow is abut a 1/3 off and The Veiled Wolf is almost half off! You can also buy both for under £12 when they normally cost £9.99 each.

So if you’ve never gotten around to buying either of my books, or if you’ve never read the first book, why not grab it today? I have no idea how long the sale will last – and also there are only a couple of copies left in stock of The Veiled Wolf – so do check it out!

The Veiled Wolf – a flavour

Interested in seeing where Daniel’s journey goes after the events of The Boy from the Snow? Here’s a blurb and the book trailer to give you a flavour!

A year after the events of ‘The Boy from the Snow’, Daniel and his friends set about retaking the Kingdom of Klumeck, long since captured by the enemy. When their plans go awry, Daniel discovers there may be a spy in Gaeson, known only as ‘the Wolf’.

The more Daniel attempts to solve the identity of this veiled agent, the more he starts to doubt those closest to him. 
However, after the Veiled Wolf threatens to destroy those he loves, Daniel must act quickly before all he cares for is lost…

What I’m up to now

Since The Veiled Wolf came out, I’ve had my fantasy novel Lottie’s Locket published in 2020. I also had my most recent novel, The Oak Tree Calls, released as a free novel, exclusive to newsletter subscribers.

The third novel in my historical fiction series is currently in process of publication. In fact, today I’m starting to go through the next round of amendments from my publishers. Watch this space for a title/cover reveal soon! I’ll also let you know as soon as I have a provisional publication date.

I’m also editing what will hopefully be the 4th novel in the series.

Thanks so much for reading!

Thanks so much for reading! Why not check out The Veiled Wolf?

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Till next time,

Maria 🙂

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