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Hi everyone, today I thought I’d talk about writing in-between projects. Last Friday, I hosted a chat in the weekly writing group #FriSalon on this very topic and it seems other writers are often in this phase. Have you ever finished a project and you’re not sure what to do next?

I myself have been in this stage recently. After recently writing another 20k for book 5 in my series for April Camp NaNoWriMo, I’ve been wondering which direction to go in with different writing projects. So, here’s a couple of tips for when you’re in-between projects.

1. Take a break

If you’re in-between projects, it’s okay to give yourself a couple of days’ break. It mght be you’ve hit a big deadline or finished a mammoth first draft, or a round of editing that seemed endless. We often need a bit of space to refill the creative well, as it were. It’s common to feel a bit drained after finishing projects, whether big or small.

After all, these are our stories, coming from our imaginations and all the work that goes into that. It’s okay to allow a few days’ restoration before tackling the next thing. It might be we opt for some ‘no-pressure’ creativity, like one-shot writing prompts, or other forms, like art. Or we might have a complete creative break, so we come back refreshed for the next big idea.

2. Mix up your Projects

This depends on your writing process, as some writers need all their projects to be in the same genre or style, which is great. However it can be helpful for you to mix up your projects, too. If you’ve just finished a round of editing, why not try plotting or drafting next? It can help to be creating using a different side of writing, while still working.

It may not work for writers wanting to build a particular brand/reach a specific audience, but sometimes changing genres can be helpful for this too. If you’ve just finished your magnum opus historical fiction, then wri3ting a short story fantasy could be refreshing. It doesn’t have to be long, or something you pursue for publication, but rather something fun for you to change gears a bit before tackling the fourth/sixth/tenth book in your series.

3. Get Inspired

If you’re really struggling getting ideas for your projects, then why not see where inspiration might hit you? It may sound like a cliche, but going for a walk or getting into nature can be super helpful. An idea might strike you in the way that sunlight might dapple of trees, or you might overhear snatches of conversation at your local cafe. Or it might be while watching a TV show/movie that a line or particular scene grabs you. Try to keep a notebook handy if that would be helpful!

Writing prompts can help with this, too. Search for an image online, like this website, perhaps with a few random words to include. Then just start writing, either about details of the image or how it makes you feel. You never know, your next big idea might come just from writing a few lines about a photo of a cabin in the woods, for example.

Thanks for Reading!

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