Book Review – The Living Stone by Niamh Schmid

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Hi everyone, this week on the blog, I’m reviewing The Living Stone by Niamh Schmid. I absolutely loved this book, the latest installment in the TetraWorld series by the fab writing sisters-in-law duo Niamh and Rebecca Schmid. More about my thoughts in a moment, but first here’s the blurb to give you a flavour of the book:

The Living Stone – the blurb

Exhausted, disheartened, and defeated, Baey and her companions have somehow managed to make it to Alkemar…. Now an even more dangerous task looms before them, and an even more dangerous arrangement: they must split up.
Some must go to the heart of Rugo and find The Living Stone, braving a country infested with Skayla’s violet-eyed lackeys. And what happens when their best allies seem to be part of the race Baeno has hated for so long?
Meanwhile, Baey and her mentor are left in Alkemar to try and form new alliances, while the former GhostMaker struggles to overcome his past and the memories that now haunt him. Will anyone else be able to look beyond his past and trust them?

My thoughts

The story picks up from the last time the authors took us to the steampunk fantasy world of Baeno, in book 2 of the Schmid series. The characters have just escaped one crisis, but are soon plunged into others. The phrase ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ comes to mind!

The narrative follows the POV of several different characters, as the team split up into two groups to try to escape the evil Skayla and save the world from her clutches. With several voices the narrative could easily have become confusing, but the author’s clarity means each voice shines through. Each POV is distinct and vibrant. I really found myself connecting to and rooting for them.

The worldbuilding is just as brilliant as the other books, dripping through the narritive without ever feeling ‘infodumpy’. Without giving any spoilers away, there are some great twists and cliffhanger moments, too!

I’m already looking forward to the next book in the series, especially now as the characters from the diferent worlds might start to interconnect with one another. For now, I really recommend this book – it could be read as a stand-alone, but I would encourage you to grab the others in the series first!

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