Top 5 Indie Books of 2023

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Hi everyone, this week I’m listing my top 5 indie books of 2023. Happy New Year! I thought it would be a great way to kick off 2024 by looking back at my top 5 indie books of 2023. Here they are, in the order I read them!

The Forever Cruise by Deborah Klee

I really enjoyed this book. Deborah Klée’s unique novel focuses on retired people residing permanently on a cruise ship. The story follows 3 women – Alice, a passenger, Olivia, a cabin maid and Marianne, the ship’s captain.

It’s a lot of fun with twists & turns, stunning locations and wonderful character development. Great moments of comedy too!

The Living Stone by Niamh Schmid

This novel is a fantastic next installment to the TetraWorld series. Brilliant writing – the narrative is clear even with many different voice. Rich, totally immersive worldbuilding is the backdrop for an exciting, fast-paced story.

I’m already looking forward to the next book in my favourite fantasy series, especially how the different books will interconnect.

A Spring Fling at Hotel Mayfair by Elizabeth Holland

Although Carrie loves her home in Scotland, she longs for something new. So, she takes a temporary job at Hotel Mayfair. However, she soon gets thrown in the deep end with seemingly stern hotel manager Lucas. As well as this, there are wedding couples with ridiculous confectionary demands.

Then, another wonderful character is Lily, Carrie’s assistant, who loves to sneak Carrie’s creations. A Spring Fling at Hotel Mayfair is a wonderfully written romance, with fantastic character development. 

Coming Closer by Karen Heenan

This novel continues the story of the two sisters, Ava and Claire. The book seamlessly switches between the two protagonists as they navigate life in the Depression-era 1930s. Despite Ava’s grief, she has found some contentment in independence. However, when she continues to meet Dr Max Byrne, she considers sacrificing potential happiness for the sake of her family.

Claire does the opposite. Although she loves her family, she longs for a purpose outside the home. When she finds a worthy cause, she devotes her heart and soul to it, but at the cost of her family. Can Claire fulfil her vision and calling while still prioritising those she loves?

Breathing Without Oxygen by Lowry E. Gray

My final indie read of 2023 was this poetry book. Beautiful words are to be found in these pages! Gray is so evocative as she shares precious memories and experiences. I found myself thinking back to schooldays and visiting my grandparents’ house.

Gray has stunning use of the English language. The images she creates with her words will stay with me for a long time to come. I’m already excited to explore Gray’s other poetry.

Her books cannot be found on Amazon, but they can be found through the online independent bookshop, AbeBooks. Hit the butons below to check out the shop, or Gray’s Goodreads page and author website.

The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho by Paterson Joseph

Finally, although this is not an indie book, I couldn’t resist including my favourite traditional book of 2023. This novel tells the story of historical figure Charlies Ignatius Sancho. The author, actor Paterson Joseph, takes us through Sancho’s life in Georgian London.

With masterful language and vivid worldbuilding, we follow Sancho from being born on a slave ship to being a prominent composer and business owner with the ability to vote.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks so much for reading my top 5 indie books of 2023! Plus, of course, my favourite traditional book of the year.

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