The Last Act by Deborah Klee

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Hi everyone, this week I’m reviewing The Last Act by Deborah Klee. Needless to say I really enjoyed this book, but before I get into the review, here’s a blurb to give you a flavour:

The Last Act – The Blurb

It is 1980 and Jojo Evans is living the dream. Perfect job, perfect man, perfect life – but is it all an illusion?
Jojo doesn’t think so – she cannot believe her good fortune, working as magician’s assistant to her charismatic boyfriend, The Incredible Nico, and sharing his luxurious flat is a far cry from her life in a squat working as a street performer.
Best friend, Annie Daley, isn’t so sure. Jojo seems bewitched by this new boyfriend, and Annie doesn’t trust him.
When Jojo receives an anonymous note warning her to keep away from Nico, the friends suspect it’s from a jealous fan. But the threats that follow cannot be so easily dismissed, and Jojo fears for her life. Annie volunteers to investigate, and enters the world of the Golden Globe Theatre, where nothing is as it seems.
As tensions mount to a career-making show finale, things spiral out of control. Will Jojo and Annie see through the smoke and mirrors in time to save their lives, or is this to be their last act?

My Review


I really enjoyed this book! The setting of the Golden Globe Theatre is truly magical, transporting you to another place and time. Klee really brings the 1980s era to life. The story is told by two best friends, Annie and Jojo, who are both likelable and relatable characters you really root for. I possibly felt more drawn to Annie’s character, but both were excellent.

Jojo believes herself to be completely in love with The (perhaps not so much) Incredible Nico and Annie also believes she might have found love, but the author is masterful at sowing the seeds that all might not be as it seems. Surrounding this is the mystery of certain ‘accidents’ happening at the theatre, which increase on the run up to the finale.

The core relationship, however, is the friendship between Jojo and Annie. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s also a powerful and important book for pointing out the subtle signs of toxic relationships and not changing yourself to fit in with another person, but staying true to who you are.

There are also a lot of fun moments, especially in the character of Annie’s sister and one particular dinner-table converstion had me laughing out loud. The finale is exciting – there were one or two twists I wasn’t sure of, which is the only reason for not giving this book 5 stars – but this did not affect my enjoyment of the novel.

If you fancy stepping into a magical mystery with a wonderful friendship, I highly recommend this book. You can check out out on Amazon below!

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