The Marked Princess – Book Review

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This week on the blog I’m reviewing The Marked Princess, a YA Fantasy by E.P. Stavs.

This is a brilliant book that got me hooked from the first page! Here’s a flavour:

The blurb

Fighting for her life and with new friends along the way, Josselyn tries to take back her kingdom and her home.

One minute Princess Josselyn is considering suitors ahead of her 18th birthday and practicising duelling with her friend Edmund. The next, she and her stoic bodyguard Alex are fleeing her home after a dastardly villain unleashes his dreadful scheme. Can whatever magic lurks within her birthmark help?

A feisty princess

Gripping YA fantasy with a great blend of action. The narrative is fun and highly readable, too, with Princess Josselyn’s voice a breath of fresh air on the page. I loved the characters of both Edmund and Alex, as well, which were extremely well written. The dynamics and relationships that build between the characters are believable and heartwarming.

Worldbuilding writing craft books author

I also really enjoyed the worldbuilding. The descriptions are fantastic and the author gives you enough history and myth without feeling overwhelming. The action scenes are gripping, but with moments where Josselyn battles her inner demons as well as external conflicts.

This was a wonderful read and I look forward to reading the next books in the series. I highly recommend for YA fantasy fans.

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