Book Review- Spylark by Danny Rurlander

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I was thrilled when I came across a tweet back in June, about Danny Rurlander’s debut children’s novel, Spylark, coming out on the 1st August.

Danny is actually a friend – he is the pastor of Moorlands Evangelical Church Lancaster, the church my husband and I attended when we were students. Ironically Danny and I didn’t know the other wrote at the time, as I’m sure we would have had great chats about writing over a coffee or two! I did know that Danny loved literature and his sermons always had excellent use of words and communication, so it wasn’t too surprising that he’d written a novel.

Spylark is a fantastic story about a boy named Tom, who, after an accident that leaves him struggling to walk, escapes into the world of his drone. Through a computer monitor in an old shed, Tom soars into the sky. Then, one day, Tom spots something peculiar – and soon discovers a terrible plot that he must stop before it’s too late.

Because Spylark has its core in the lakes, it has a brilliant feel of Swallows and Amazons, with a good dose of the classic Hitchcock film Rear Window thrown in for good measure.

Danny is from the Lake District and his knowledge and love of the area is abundantly clear, with every lovingly researched fact making the setting of his novel come alive, to the point where readers can go on walks to different landmarks. The description is excellent, leaving the reader really witnessing the story unfold through Tom’s eyes. Some lines were so vivid I really could see oars hitting the water of Lake Windermere, or see the gulls soaring across the sky.

As well as stunning scenery, the characters are brilliantly written – full of life and their own complexities. This was especially the case for Tom and the journey that he goes on as he is on his quest, which is utterly realistic.

I can’t say too much more without giving spoilers, so I’ll just say that I loved this book! It’s perfect for MG readers (8-12) but teenagers and adults would also enjoy this spellbinding tale of Tom and what he discovers through his drone. I heartily recommend and give this read 5* – I’m excited about what Tom might get up to next! 🙂

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